New “Budget”/Scalable Drone!

So I’m gathering the parts I need for a NEW drone, based on the RDQ Source One V3 frame (open source).

Starting with Mamba MK2 40A Stack, iFlight XING-E 2208 2-6s FPV Motors, and to start: that’s it! I can get this priced reasonably for an awesome, FAST, versatile drone, that you can add to it as your interests/skills develop. Start out by learning to pilot in Mode 2…move onto FPV when you’re ready by adding goggles, a VTX, camera. (Or we can do it for you!). Add GPS when you want, etc., etc.

Bottom-line: A FAST 5″ drone build for solid performance, that you can “try out” this awesome hobby of ours, without spending so much $$$ on the whole package! This will be scalable: add what you want, when you want, and we’ll build it to spec, or start w / the basics, and become a great pilot first! Whatever works!

I’ll post pictures as I build. Excited a out this one!


Fred Colclough


4 thoughts on “New “Budget”/Scalable Drone!

  1. I like this idea. I don’t like building and don’t a workshop at all, so A way to get into this without spending a lot of money at first, but get a quality partial build.

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