Autonomous Drones!

So I’ve always been interested in autonomous flight in general. Considering we’re IT professionals, that makes sense: Nothing quite like a Drone-Bot! 😉 <<– Made that up, maybe I'll use it to title one of these!

I'm going to build a few drones with IMU, GPS, for maximal stabilization to create a super fun-to-fly drone that can also go from Point A to Point B on its own! Yeah, Baby!

I'll be chatting about the components I plan to use, and notes as I build, test, re-build, etc. Oh, and the biggest factor: BUILD IT ON A BUDGET! I want something like this to be obtainable by most, so it's really gotta have a reasonable price-point.

Open to suggestions too of course! Baby steps, though: first goal is auto-hover, stabilization; easy flight. Come along for the ride!


Fred Colclough


2 thoughts on “Autonomous Drones!

  1. That sounds great. But your offerings other than Tyro are on the high side. I understand the components are costly, but I think you’ll have more interested if you offered budget prices on budget builds, maybe without full FPV, like an “introduction” to drones, before going all in with FPV, racing, etc. I know I would be.


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