Desire for RTF Bundles?

So. I’ve had a few hobbyists out there request complete RTF kits. I’ve modeled this venture as “Professionally-Built DIY Drones”, and that’s what we love to do most: BUILD!

We would then have to carry additional stock in radios, receivers, and accessories, and offer them for sale in the “bundles”. We could always start with just one or two models, say, with the best discount radio out there, the FlySky FS-i6x, and several great receivers.

Is there interest out there? Or do most of you prefer to use your own radios, and purchase our builds.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Fred Colclough


4 thoughts on “Desire for RTF Bundles?

  1. I’ll add in the biggest PRO of course, is for enthusiasts at all levels: Preferring not to deal at all with the logistics of the build from frame to props, as well as the fine-tuning of all aspects of flight. Many would simply prefer to pay a bit more and get it all professionally-built, configured, and fly-able to their individual specs. Literally IN FLIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. And truly CUSTOMIZED as well, for the type of flying you plan to do, including a range of pilot abilities.

    It’s fun to see someone start with a Tyro, say, and improve flight skills (Can you say “simulators”?!) enough so that future builds can be more edgy and high-performance. The pilot can focus almost exclusively on flying. A lot like having your own pit crew who handle the machine, and you just fly!

    Open to thoughts! Thanks.


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